Renaissance Prince Charming Costume with Cloak, Vest, and Shirt

Renaissance Prince Charming Costume with Cloak, Vest, and Shirt



cotton, duck cloth, designer fabric, velvet, pockets, metal buttons

Charm the princess and ride off into the sunset with this dashing Prince Charming ensemble! This sturdy, solid blue vest (featuring pockets for your treasures!) will remain bright and heroic through your travels and battles. The red velvet cloak adds a touch of mystery and spark to this steadfast prince. The outfit also features a handmade cotton shirt with Renaissance sleeves.

This calf-length velvet cloak is fully-lined and great for adding a splash of color to any period outfit! With a wide color and button closure, the cloak will keep you warm on chilly faire days as well!

The vest is handmade with a sturdy canvas fabric, pocket-flap details, and buttons down the front. Each piece is made one at a time, and buttons may be different than what is pictured. Order your vest in the same size you wear your t-shirts.

Swashbuckle like the infamous Dread Pirate or win hearts like Mr. Darcy in this dashing Renaissance pirate shirt. A v-neck piece made of loose cotton, this shirt features ties to wear open, a la Wesley, or closed in a more demure fashion. Ruffled elastic sleeves complete this look!

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