Groomsmen, English Wedding

Groomsmen, English Wedding


Ensure the groomsmen are almost as dashing as the groom in these brocade or velvet Victorian vest with trim trousers and swashbuckling shirts for an understated and elegant look, perfect behind the groom or opposite the lovely bridesmaids. The materials we use are designer fabrics which lend themselves to more of a steampunk look and feel. This fabric is available in several colors. Please message us to customize! 

Victorian Vest
The Victorian vest features a brocade or velvet fabric all the way around, with black lining. This vest is ready for fantasy wedding! Buttons may not match picture due to availability. Adjustable in the back. Order size based on t-shirt size.

Men's Pirate Shirt
Swashbuckle like the infamous Dread Pirate or woo like Mr. Darcy in this dashing pirate shirt. A v-neck piece made of loose cotton, this shirt features ties to wear open, a la Wesley, or closed in a more demure fashion. 

Black Victorian Pants
The men's Victorian trousers pair well with Steampunk, Victorian, Western, Cosplay, and Ren Fair costumes. They work well with leather suspenders and even feature buttons to which suspenders should be attached. 

These pants do tend to run small, so plan to order a little larger than your jean size. For example, a size 36 should order a 38. All trousers are cut long, allowing you to adjust or roll to fit your needs. Many of our men cut the bottoms off and wear them tucked into boots. When you order, the pants will never be too short.

PLEASE indicate color and pants size for your trousers when you order, otherwise, we will have to guess and send you what we have in stock. We do work with another artist for the trousers, so there may be a slight delay. Please let us know if you have a fixed deadline!

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CUSTOMIZATION: If you would like something in a color or size not listed, please send us a message so we can put it together for you!

SIZING: If you have a question about sizing or fit, please message us before ordering. Once we talk, we will have you include your measurements in the order to ensure we are able to customize as needed.

Thank you! 

IMPORTANT: While we have some items in stock and work to fulfill all orders in 1-2 weeks, all orders are custom orders, and regular items not in stock maybe 2-3 weeks due to our busy show schedule. Please take this into consideration when you order. If you have a specific deadline, LET US KNOW, and we will do everything we can to make sure you have your order in time.