Burgundy Cravat Tie

Burgundy Cravat Tie


Fight the Templars and bring peace to the people in this Assassin-inspired costume, complete with deep hood, detailed lapels, and a matching vest with it's own details and multitude of buttons.

This listing is for the Assassin's Cravat in Burgundy. The cravat is shown here with the Assassin's Coat, men's Victorian shirt, and Assassin's Vest. The coat is made from a heavy canvas, which wears well and hangs beautifully. The coat features deep pockets, a high collar, and authentic decorative buttons. The vest is made of sturdy, corresponding fabric. Each piece is made one at a time, and buttons may be different than what is pictured.

Ordering information: Order your coat in the same size you wear your t-shirts. 

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IMPORTANT: While we have some items in stock and work to fulfill all orders in 1-2 weeks, all orders are custom orders, and regular items not in stock maybe 2-3 weeks due to our busy show schedule. Please take this in consideration when you order. If you have a specific deadline, LET US KNOW, and we will do everything we can to make sure you have your order in time. 

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Photography from Kenshin Photography https://www.facebook.com/KenshinPhotography/