Mommy & Me Belle Inspired Princess Costumes

Mommy & Me Belle Inspired Princess Costumes


Mommy and Me Collection: Child and Adult Yellow Rose Princess Belle Costumes

Enchant the prince and break the spell in our fantastic golden princess ball gown. This costume features an airy, short sleeve chemise and an expansive, rosette-covered skirt in a shinning yellow. The yellow and gold corset completes a picture-perfect princess gown and sends you out ready to dance the night away.

Our Mommy and Me Collection is a high end princess costume, designed and handmade individually. Each listing is for a complete Silver Leaf costume including a mother and child size. We use designer fabrics to create costumes which look good and feel great. The fabrics used and the hand made costuming ensure comfort and quality. These one-of-a-kind creations can be worn many times, for many occasions , and even cross generations with proper care! 

Adult Costume $415
* A Victorian style corset
*Short sleeve Fancy shirt
*Deluxe Saloon Skirt

Child's costume $275
*Kid's Corset
*Short Sleeve Fancy Shirt
* Deluxe Saloon Skirt

My corsets are made with top quality designer fabrics. Each corset has three layers of fabric for quality, comfort and style. The outer layer is high-end designer fabric, an inner cotton layer for support and stability, and a final heavy duty liner for structure. For shape and support, 13 pieces of steel boning are used on each corset. I pay a little more for the boning, but it’s worth it to give you that corset figure which tightens everything in, and pushes up to give you a lot of support and cleavage. The cut of the corset is little longer in the front and back. It visually elongates the torso making you look smaller. 

Short Sleeve Shirt
This fun shirt is great for the warm weather days. The material is sheer and breathable.

Deluxe Saloon Skirt
This is our standard saloon skirt pattern made with deluxe rosette material. The material is stiffer than the standard saloon skirt, so it will not tuck as well. Deluxe saloon shown over a crinoline for volume. Crinoline not available from our store.. 

Child's outfit 
The child outfit features same design and fabric as the adult outfit; however, the corset it made shorter and with less restrictive boning for comfort and structure. The designer fabrics hold up to wear, and this costume should last and be able to be handed down.

Flat steel boning, fabric, designer fabric, rosette, grommet, paracord, lining, twill, cotton

Kid's Size:
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IMPORTANT: While we have some items in stock and work to fulfill all orders in 1-2 weeks, all orders are custom orders, and regular items not in stock maybe 2-3 weeks due to our busy show schedule. Please take this in consideration when you order. If you have a specific deadline, LET US KNOW, and we will do everything we can to make sure you have your order in time. 

CUSTOMIZATION: If you would like something in a color or size not listed, please send us a message so we can put it together for you!

SIZING: If you have a question about sizing or fit, please message us before ordering. Once we talk, we will have you include your measurements in the order to ensure we are able to customize as needed.

Corset Sizing
My corsets are made to your shirt size. If you normally where a medium shirt you should buy a medium corset. 
To take you waist measurement, use a seamstress tape, and measure just above your belly button. If the smallest part of your waist is higher measure there.

Waist Size
X X Small 23”-24”
X Small 25”-26”
Small 27”-29”
Medium 30”-34”
Large 35”- 38”
X Large 39”-41”
2X 42”-45”
3X 46'-52"